RAK2245 Serial problem

Hi, I’m using the RAK2245 gateway module for LoRa project.
I have one problem.
I downladed the software to set up RAK2245 and finished testing it.
After that, I detach the RAK2245 from Raspberry Pi and I connect other serial sensor to the Raspberry Pi.
But, the test did not succeed.
I think the problem is caused by setting up the RAK2245.
In detail, RAK2245 software seems to change the ttyAMA0 set.
How can I revert my settings about ttyAMA0.
Because, I don’t need to GPS in RAK2245.
Thank you!!

  1. When the Raspberry Pi +2245, can you see the GPS information? If the GPS information is displayed normally, the Raspberry Pi serial port is ok.

2.We have not changed the configuration of the raspberry pi serial port. You can download a raspberry pi os from https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/ to complete your test.