RAK2245 + TinkerBoardS Support?


I got one of this RAK2245 Gateway and I want to know if its possible to make compatible this hat with a SBC like the TinkerBoardS, if there is any documentation or firmware to make a gateway with any 40 GPIO compatible card and this module

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Hi @JoseCity

You can refer to this link for the pinout:|

From what I can gather it would seem that the headers of the Pi and Tinkerboard are compatible. This should make it possible to power the concentrator and also communicate with the interfaces (UART, SPI). Additionally it seems to have an official Debian release so it should not be a problem to grab Semtech’s packet forwarder and get it working.
This is only theoretical, seems like doable on first look. We have never tested it, that is I haven’t, perhaps someone else on the forums has (staff or a community member )?
This being said would you be interested in having a tutorial for it, perhaps you are planning to test it yourself and are willing to make one?
Please share your thoughts :slight_smile:


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