RAK2245 Tx power Configuration

Issue: I want to change the Tx power of RAK2245 gateway to 8dB, which is 27dB right now, how to change that.

Setup: I am using RPI with RAK2245 and using Chirpstack OS.

Can you please tell me how and from where I can configure that Tx power setting in RAK2245?

Dear Bhavitrajput ,

If you want to fix a certain TX_power to transmit data.

you can delete the other power in the configuration file and just keep the power you want.

Best regards!

Can you please tell me the name of file?

That may well cause problems when the commanded power level is not found in the table.

Really in LoRaWAN, the network server commands the gateway’s transmit power level. In this case that is Chirpstack - it’s really a Chirpstack question, not a RAK2245 question.

So the question becomes “how does one set the transmit power in Chirpstack”

Dear Bhavitrajput,

Please fix this file!