RAK2245 unexpected stop

Hi, I`m testing using RAK2245 indoors.

I am trying to send a 20-byte message to the RAK2245 once a second.

I found a problem during the test.

RAK2245 stops unexpectedly…

After receiving it normally, it stops receiving after a few minutes…

I am using test code.(loragw_hal.c)

I guessed some problems.

  1. buffer overflow

  2. unexpectedly SPI interface error

  3. lora spec about error( have a strong load once a second ??? )

But, I don’t know cause of problem.

help me, please…

sending node ==> Preamble length: 8
Spreadingfactor: 7
Tx_power: 10dbm
Data length: 20-byte
chip: SX1276

How close is the device that is transmitting?

Can the SD card keep up with so many sends - log writing? The Pi will certainly stop for a while if it’s SD Card is unresponsive.

Can you try at 10 second intervals instead?

Which network server / application server are you using?

Are you using the standard firmware for the Pi? There are issues with SPI speeds that others have had.

That’s neither production code nor test code, it is library code.

Are you using the packet forwarder or one of the lora gateway test programs? You really should be using a packet forwarder…

Also keep in mind that you need to configure a slow SPI clock for this module - 1 MHz is probably the best idea.

Thank you for your attention about my problem!!

Sorry I missed it.

I`m using “test_loragw_hal.c” as test code.

SPI clock is 1MHz yes

What is a packet forwarder specifically??(lgw_pkt_tx_s struct??)

Currently, I haven’t connected to the network yet and I’m only testing 900MHz between the gateway and the node.


Thanyou for your attention!!

I’m using standard firmware image and no connect network server/application server.

I’m testing only 900MHz between gateway and node(SX1276).

I’m trying at 10 second intervals and stop.

But, gateway work longer.

What I am curious about is that the 1 second cycle is difficult due to the lora specification.

Thank you for your help!!

Add -g to the CFLAGS in the make file, clean rebuild, and then run the test under gdb and see how exactly it is failing.

The packet forwarder is the software that is supposed to use the low level lora library, typically:

Thank you for your help!!!