RAK2245 with longer pins?


I was wondering if a RAK2245 is available with longer pins because I want to connect the Raspberry Pi’s 7 inch display to it as well.

Thank you and regards.


I am sorry to disappoint you however there is only one variant with the standard pins. We are aware of other pin options as for example the double sided ones that would fit your case pretty well, however there has not been a huge demand for these thus we do not have such a model.
It will have to be solved by your soldiering skills, unfortunately :slight_smile:


You only need to use the jumper cables to provide power and, for original Pi models (like, from 2012/13) the I2C for the touch data.

Raspberry Pi v2, 3 & 4 use the DSI ribbon cable for touch data and you can supply power to the screen via its micro-USB.

So, no long header pins needed.

Thank you, that’s what I thought. I will do the soldering. :slight_smile:

No soldering really needed!

Sorry I forgot to respond to you,

Oh yes, you are right. I completely forgot that the display has a Micro USB port. I can use it to power the screen. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, it saved me a lot of hassle. :slight_smile: