RAK2247 Reset Active High

I see that on Pin 22 of the RAK2247 that the reset is active high.
It seems the Mini-PCIe spec uses active low for the reset.

What reasons was active high used? Even if the SX1301 requires a high reset, couldn’t an inverter have been used to more closely follow the Mini-PCIe spec to be compatible with most SBCs?

Is there perhaps a variant or modification that can be done so that a RAK2247 with active low reset could be used?

Thank you,

Dear Ryan,

Please refer to the following picture(SCH).

For RAK2247,what we are used is only PCIe Form factor,not PCIe interface standard definition.So,usually the net connected to Pin22 is a GPIO from HOST,not PERST of PCIe interface.
Of course,we can populate R50 and Q12 and remove R136 if you want to use active low for the reset.But this kind of products need to be customized and we will deal with them before sending them to you.

By the way,do you use SPI or USB interface RAK2247?If you use USB interface RAK2247,you can reset SX1301 by USB(FT2232’s ADBUS5, remove R136).

Hello Jeff. Thank you so much for the reply.

We will be using USB, as the SBCs used conform to the Mini-PCIe spec, which has USB on it, but not SPI. So that sounds like a decent workaround.

It is very nice you added R50 and Q12 as an optional load (removing R136) as well.

We will consider these options and contact you directly for more moving forward.

Thank you,