RAK2247 SPI on Chirpstack 4


Do not know how to install RAK2247 in Chirpstack v4

I use Raspberry PI with BookWorm OS on which I successfully installed Chirpstack v4
The Chirpstack is working fine / however I need the RAK2247 to be integrated.

Do anybody have some tutorial or other links I can use?


Hello @DeBuffel ,

What is the host for RAK2247? I suppose RPI, but please explain more about your configuration in terms of the gateway utilizing the RAK2247.

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov

Hello @Nikola,

Long time ago but the topic as addressed above still exists for me.
Host indeed is RPi CM4.

I the meantime I also got the RAK5146 - however I run into the issue here to get Chirpstack 4 up and running.

Your support/advise would be appreciated

I have a RAK5547 and a RAK2287 working with Chirpstack V4 on our WisGate Connect RAK7391 using RAKPiOS :grin:
RAKPiOS is running on RPi CM4 and I have it as well working on a “normal” RPi 4 with only CS V4, InfluxDB and Grafana.

When installing the Docker container, you can choose the RAK concentrator and the interface

Maybe worth a try. I had to fiddle around with the .toml files a little bit, because I am on AS923-3, but it works fine.

Thanks a lot @beegee

Initially I want to install without Docker (little experience on that). Will definitely start Docket later on as many people tell me to do so :slight_smile:

For now I think my issue is with the UDP Packet Forwarder / do you have a link with files & instructions?

Only important for me, but I have one 915MHz concentrator and one 868MHz concentrator on the WisGate Connect and both connected to one Chirpstack instance, running on the same device.

Sorry, I never installed a UDP packet forwarder + CS4 on RPi before.
And I am not a Docker fan either (still in early learning phase), but it was quite easy with RAKPiOS to get it up and running.

For the UDP packet forwarder I used Portainer to got the Docker containers running and for Chirpstack V4 I used the Docker installation guide from the Chirpstack documentation.

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NP. I will check and share later on

How I solvewd it - check: