RAK2247-SPI (Pi-Supply) - failed to start concentrator follow-up

Have same issue as outlined in topic RAK2247-SPI (Pi-Supply) - failed to start concentrator


In prior post, users Debuffel and Hobo discuss the solution that “the lora pi-supply hat uses BCM port 22 to reset the 2247 concentrator (while in the RAK config BCM port 17 is used by default)” However no further information is given on how to make this change. As the hat sits on top of the RPi, I’m assuming this wasn’t solved with change of wiring, but rather by editing a config file. Went through all config files and couldn’t find solution. Can someone help out / provide more information on how to make BCM port change? Very appreciated, thanks

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Hei @baepel ,

This is the start.sh script that runs after the install on every boot basically. There is a variable there for the “reset pin” number, 17 as per default.

Clone the repo as per the GitHub Link you have posted, go in the folder, change the pin number and proceed with the install after.

This should solve it.



To be clear to anyone trying to resolve, I replaced the 17 with 22 in the line outlined by ‘Hobo’ and the concentrator started after running the install script.

Don’t know how I missed it: I was grepping for 17 and pin all over the place. Thank-you for the fast and accurate response in support of the community, I’ll be ordering more RAK devices and products. Cheers, bap.

Glad I could help. Enjoy your Gateway :slight_smile:

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