RAK2247 SPI speed


We are currently under development of a hardware solution using the RAK2247 concentrator, we already ordered 6 pieces and we noticed a performance issue regarding the SPI speeds with this concentrator.

The default SPI speed set in the legacy LoRa Gateway piece of software provided by Semtech is 8MHz. It seems that at this speed the concentrator sometimes fails to start due to SPI communication issue.

A post on the Things Network forum mentions that the RAK2247 uses a pretty slow level adaptor for the SPI bus that could the source of this issue.

We downloaded the Raspbian OS integrating LoRa Gateway & Packet Forwarder proposed by RAK and found that the SPI speed use by this image is configured at 2MHz wich may confirm this hypothesis.

Do you have any information regarding the possibility to use the RAK2247 at full potential (so at 8 or 10 MHz like the Semtech’s chip allows to) ? Is there a workaround or any planned correction for this issue considering it is one ?

Thanks for any help.
Best regards !

Hopefully the RAK833 which does not have this issue will continue to be manufactured.

Can anyone from RAK confirm this issue ?