RAK2247 SPI + USB mPCIe x86 gateway

Anyone from RAKwireless able to comment on this please?

My outsider’s understanding is that not only would you not use the SPI pins if making a USB connection, but that unlike the RAK833 which had a multiplexer, if you purchase a USB model of the RAK2247 the SPI pins are not even connected to anything, so you could not use them even if you wanted to.

It’s less clear if you are supposed to reset the SX1301 via the pcie PERST# signal on pin 22, or if that is done through the FTDI USB-SPI bridge.

If you are supposed to reset it explicitly, I believe the signal is high to reset and low to run (as it is on the actual SX1301 chip), which would be opposite the pcie standard of low to reset and high to run.

Hopefully you can get official clarification.

Make sure the mini-pcie PERST# signal(pin 22) pulled down (default high will cause rak833 function error)