RAK2270 IMU accelerometer

Can someone perhaps @carlrowan explain what the RAK2270 has for an IMU.

From the github pdf here it seems like the rak2270 sticker tracker has both a 3 axis IMU and a 9 axis IMU. Can someone explain? I am fairly sure it is only the 3 axis as I do have working code for that.

While we are at it. I am looking for ways to get the temp and humidity working and also saving data to the EEPROM. For now I will have to look at the firmware for examples here

Summary of what I get working will be at this thread RAK2270 IOT Course

actually this image from @Daniel seems to show that the BMX160 is the accelerometer. RAK2270 Development Kit - #2 by Daniel I wonder if anyone has an include file to fully use it. I can’t seem to get the RAK2034-BMX160 include file working.

Hi @jerteach ,

Same on with the Temperature-Humidity sensor and 9-axis IMU, the EEPROM is not mounted as well.

They are added for potential future use but no actual component is there. Same on the image shared by Daniel.

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