RAK2270 movement

hello i was checking rak2270 sticker


there is no accelerometer added in the firmware. but the document says it exists.

is this firmware version not open source or am i missing something?

thank you

Hi @bilalfakhar ,

This FW version is not released as part of the open-source. However, we will update the open-source FW to include the support of the accelerometer as part of the roadmap but no commitment when it will be released.

Hi Carl - is the FW with the accelerometer-Trigger already in production, so if I order new (generic) stickers do we get this functionality, which we are waiting for to continue with our project here.
Thanks for answering!

Hi @aherberger ,

The accelerometer chip is on the RAK2270-Developer. However we do not have any FW for it.

You can extend though the open source FW to add that functionality then upload your created FW on your sticker orders from us. This is also a work around while we do not have official FW yet.

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