Rak2270 sticker tracker

Hi, everyone,I am looking for a sticker to deploy stickers on steel material to improve steel inventory management,I think rak2270 might be a good choice.Therefore,is there any representative in Taiwan? I want to get more information for it. Thanks in advance.

You should contact straight the Rakwireless support that will direct you at proper contact to handle your request :wink:

Welcome to RAK forum @Jimmy001 ,

When using the RAK sticker on metal surfaces, it will degrade the RF signal which can lessen the range of the device. This is something to be evaluated if the attenuation is acceptable in your usecase.

With regards to Taiwan, we do not have sales representative there but only R&D team office.

Any needed support about the product you can reach us anytime here in the forum or create a message here in our support page - Got Questions? Find Technical Support from RAKwireless - RAKwireless - IoT Made Easy

Thank you,guys,thus,I have to consider other solutions…

@Jimmy001 does the location of the steel move often, or is it stored and stays put mostly. You could consider this startup company that I have been testing for locating stuff using augmented reality: Wayfinding for Jobsite Issues — Sitelink.

They are working with construction companies to help them know where materials are located in their laydown yards which is what made me think of your application.

@ProblemSolved Thanks for your reply,but it’s not fit our inventory management.