RAK2287 - Alternative heatsinking option?


We’re considering using the RAK2287 in a new product under development. We have clearance from the main PCB to enclosure of 7.0mm. The mPCIe connector we have leaves 1.6mm clearance between main PCB and mPCIe underside.

The RAK2287 with the heatsink fitted will not fit in our enclosure (Total height 10.6 mm with our 1.6mm connector). With the heatsink removed, the board will fit within our enclosure (total height approx 3.3mm+ 1.6mm = 4.9mm). We can fit thermal pad between the top side of the RAK2287 board our diecast enclosure to provide heat-sinking.

Is it possible / recommended to remove the provided heat-sink from the RAK2287 and to provide alternative heat-sinking configuration?

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I haven’t tried myself to remove or use different heatsink for RAK2287. Surely, the heatsink is needed but if using a different one, you’ll likely need to consider two main things: (1) is the thermal transfer and heatsinking capacity ok? (2) will there be no induced electrical/magnetic noise that might pass thru the new heatsink? It will be hard to assess this unless series of evaluation/test will be performed.

HI Carl,
Thanks for your response. We’re planning to use a gap-pad type thermal interface (like this) to provide a thermal link to our enclosure. The main concern was that it would be possible to remove the Heat Sink from the RAK2287. Is it just held by the two screws, or is there glue or some additional attachement?

Hi Again @carlrowan

I received a sample unit today, and it is straightforward to remove the Heat Sink. I can confirm that the module will fit our application with the heatsink removed.

Do you have the option to manufacture and supply the units without the heatsink installed? We will be removing the heatsink and discarding it, so for our manufacturing process it would be better to receive the module without the heatsink fitted.

I believe that is possible. It will change though our production step. When you order, please message our support with the order number Got Questions? Find Technical Support from RAKwireless - RAKwireless - IoT Made Easy and state that we need to have the heatsink removed. You can mention my name (Carl) or Todor.

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