RAK2287 and RAK2013


I’m trying to get the RAK2287 Pi Hat and the RAK2013 working together on the same Raspberry Pi. I’ve managed to get the RAK2013 working fine and reliably in isolation, and same for the RAK2287 with LoRa BasicStation. When I use both together they work initially, but after a short while the cellular modem fails and deconfigures itself, so the gateway loses connection and doesn’t come back up.

I’m aware that the GPS on the RAK2287 is connected to the same UART pins as the RAK2013, so my theory is that the constant stream of GPS output over UART is somehow causing the the RAK2013 to restart.

To make these boards compatible, do I just have to isolate the GPS UART from the RPi header pins? Or do I need to do something else?
Is there a schematic for the RAK2287 Pi Hat that I can investigate further?

Hello, can anyone help with this?


WisLink Cellular Pi Hat | RAK2013 – RAKwireless Store strongly implies that the standalone version of these boards are not compatible, and that only the bundled versions work together, but I’m not sure what the exact technical issue is. Presumably it is conflict over the pi’s unfortunately singular UART, and the lack of any readily stackable access to the USB that would otherwise be a preferable interface for a mobile data modem.

Hi Chris, thanks for your reply, I’ve been trying to get input on this for days now.

I was aware of the note on that page, and that modifications had to be made (at least to the RAK2245 version) for this to work with the cellular module. I had assumed it was related to the UART being shared but wanted to get clarification from RAK about whether removing the UART linking resistors on the Pi Hat would be sufficient, or whether there was more to it than that.

I found I had left in a pin toggle in the reset_gw.sh script I’m using on station startup which was shared with the RAK2013 and deconfiguring the cellular module on gateway restarts, so that’s one problem solved…
I removed a couple of resistors which I had identified as linking the UART to the RAK2287 module on the Pi hat, since I don’t think that connection is actually used by basicstation (or at least if it is it hasn’t made a difference). I’ll see how it performs and report back.

I’d still appreciate confirmation from someone technical from RAK, however.