RAK2287 concentrator into RAK7249 Gateway

Hi RAK Stars,
I want to replace/upgrade one of the RAK2247 concentrators inside the 16 channel RAK7249.
First, is it possible?
Second, does it a matter which slot I replace?
Third, do I need to connect the GPS Antenna with the concentrator (2287), or just leave it open?
Fourth, does it auto configure the new 8x8 channels for the new concentrator, or I have to re-install the gateway firmware?


If you are replacing a RAK2247 then I’d not expect the unit to notice as long as it’s powered down whilst you do it. I’m not sure how you’d upgrade the RAK2247 board.

GPS is optional, it’s mostly for precision time.

Maybe it’s backwards compatible. But Semtech publishes a distinct repo for the SX1302… worse, they break the previous pattern since there’s one repo containing both the HAL and the packet fowarder.

It’s not clear why someone would want to make the swap, but if they do, there’s a chance they may need to build all new software based on the suitable Semtech repo for the 1302, vs the usual 1301/1308.

Ah, yes, all these numbers RAK2247 -> RAK2287 - two key pieces of information separated.

Please @Nicholas, can you advice me on this issue?

Hi @Zaid You can not replace RAK2247 with RAK2287. The drivers of the modules are different.