RAK2287 + Pi Hat on AWS IoT Core?


I have a RAK2287 Pi Hat which I am using for a commercial project, and I was wondering if it is able to be supported by AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN.

I don’t immediately see a way to do this with the RAK common for gateway software and configuration files, so was hoping someone could give me some guidance here on the best way to connect to AWS.
When setting up the gateway for AWS it seems to require certificates to be uploaded, and I also don’t see a way to do with with the default RAK gateway and software configuration.


The AWS IoT Core documentation seems to say you need to be running a “basicstation” packet forwarder.

I’m not entirely clear what the state of support for basicstation on the RAK2287 is (perhaps there’s already an official path I’m overlooking)

The upstream repo, GitHub - lorabasics/basicstation: LoRa Basics™ Station - The LoRaWAN Gateway Software has support for the SX1302 chip and the RF support parts used in the RAK2287, and there are hints in that repo that people are using it to operate the RAK2287, however I don’t know if the differences surrounding things like the missing temperature sensor (vs the Semtech reference design) are fully handled there - if not that might take a little work.

Also it could take some work to get the GPS interface setup, if you need the GPS for timestamping or otherwise.

If you want to pursue this more, I’d search for info on using basicstation on the RAK2287, more than anything related to AWS IoT Core specifically.

Thanks for the point in the right direction, it defintiely helps to know what I’m supposed to be searching for! I’ll have a look into this.

So I’ve made an attempt to get this working, but I’m having a problem with CUPS when I try to start the station that I can’t quite figure out…

cert. version     : 3
serial number     : A7:0E:4A:4C:34:82:B7:7F
issuer name       : C=US, O=Starfield Technologies, Inc., OU=Starfield Class 2 Certification Authority
subject name      : C=US, ST=Arizona, L=Scottsdale, O=Starfield Technologies, Inc., CN=Starfield Services Root Certificate Authority - G2
issued  on        : 2009-09-02 00:00:00
expires on        : 2034-06-28 17:39:16
signed using      : RSA with SHA-256
RSA key size      : 2048 bits
basic c2021-09-24 14:04:34.806 [any:INFO] ./cups.crt:
cert. version     : 3
serial number     : C8:C8:03:5B:D4:69:61:2A:AF:28:3A:D4:EB:48:46:F7:22:C0:AA:06
issuer name       : OU=Amazon Web Services O=Amazon.com Inc. L=Seattle ST=Washington C=US
subject name      : CN=AWS IoT Certificate
issued  on        : 2021-09-24 13:23:56
expires on        : 2049-12-31 23:59:59
signed using      : RSA with SHA-256
RSA key size      : 2048 bits
basic constraints : CA=false
key usage         : Digital Signature
2021-09-24 14:04:34.806 [AIO:INFO]
2021-09-24 14:04:35.024 [CUP:VERB] Retrieving update-info from CUPS https://A3OQ74V8656RDU.cups.lorawan.us-west-2.amazonaws.com:443...
2021-09-24 14:04:35.656 [AIO:XDEB] [3] http_read state=4
2021-09-24 14:04:35.859 [AIO:XDEB] [3] http_read state=4
2021-09-24 14:04:35.859 [CUP:ERRO] CUPS Protocol error. Closing connection.
2021-09-24 14:04:35.860 [CUP:INFO] Interaction with CUPS failed - retrying in 1s
2021-09-24 14:04:35.860 [TCE:INFO] Starting TC engine
2021-09-24 14:04:35.860 [TCE:ERRO] No TC URI configured
2021-09-24 14:04:35.860 [TCE:INFO] Router rejected or retry limit reached. Invoking CUPS.
2021-09-24 14:04:35.860 [TCE:INFO] Terminating TC engine
2021-09-24 14:04:35.860 [CUP:INFO] Starting a CUPS session in 1 seconds.
^C2021-09-24 14:04:36.860 [CUP:INFO] Starting a CUPS session now.
2021-09-24 14:04:36.860 [CUP:INFO] Connecting to CUPS ... https://A3OQ74V8656RDU.cups.lorawan.us-west-2.amazonaws.com:443 (try #2)
2021-09-24 14:04:36.860 [any:INFO] ./cups.trust:

Any ideas anyone?