RAK2287 with PiHat

Issue:Need to verify RAK2287 with Pi Hat uses SPI interface / NOT USB and reset is on PIN17

Setup: Raspberry Pi Hat with RAK2287 US915 running Pi Buster and ThingsNetwork BasicStation

Server: Things Network V3

Details: RAK software on GitHub only shows USB support for RAK2287, is there a tested reference configuration available for the RAK2287 with BasicStation?

Hello @bdeffler,

Need to verify RAK2287 with Pi Hat uses SPI interface / NOT USB and reset is on PIN17

The reset pin is indeed 17. As for the interface, depends on what you buy from the store:

In the RAK GitHub repo, if you look closely at option 7 and 8, you will see that it supports RAK2287 SPI variant as well. The RAK7248 is based on RAK2287 SPI:

Thanks for the response. I confirmed I have the SPI version (attached jpg). I have assumed that the device has preloaded chip firmware. Referring to RAK WisLink LPWAN Documentation Center, the firmware V4.2.5_20200909 is a raspberry pi image, this image is not compatible with the The Things Network V3 gateway (their gateway configuration no longer has packet forwarder option) and appears to rely on V2 packet forwarder interface. I would like to find a test suite that runs on the raspberry pi and runs the diagnostics (factory test) for the RAK2287 - SPI version. I would also like to confirm that the RAK2287 chip firmware comes preloaded from the factory and if not, where to get the latest version (github???). My end goal is to run The Things Network BasicStation - corecell (example?), but most of the documentation that I have found is either old or incomplete. At this point, I am unable to determine if it’s a RAK / Pi issue or The Things Network.
Thank you…