RAK2305 Firmware error


This is a follow up from a previous post (since closed, can’t reopen.) I have run through the ESP32 download tool and flashed the RAK2305 with the MQTT compatible firmware, but when it reboots it seems to be in a loop. From the serial console I see:

10:44:49.140 -> flash read err, 1000
10:44:49.140 -> ets_main.c 371 
10:44:49.512 -> ets Jun  8 2016 00:22:57

looping forever. I have also tried flashing back to the factory default firmware with the same results.
Any suggestions?

The error indicates that the ESP32 cannot read from its own flash.

When you flash with ESP32 Download Tool, does it finish with success?

Do you have anything connected to GPIO12 of the RAK2305? GPIO12 has a special function ==> Reserved GPIO’S. If pulled high, the internal flash will not work.

I don’t see any errors or issues with the ESP32 download tool, and I don’t have anything connected to GPIO12.

Tried to upload both versions and both are ok after flashing.

Can you check the SHA256 of the files you downloaded from Github.



Neither of my downloads match your SHA256 sums. I used wget to download them to a Linux machine and ran sha256 over them.

9b875299d2c36e2d2465e39a51ce33be838f0145b31cb82c862a6e20829301fd RAK2305-Basic-WIFI-BLE-AT.bin
c54c411638adec26676c26fe960d038e98e56180d9f1634f441caac389634b17 RAK2305-Basic-WIFI-HTTP-MQTT-AT.bin

I downloaded them on my Win 10 machine directly from the browser and used 7zip SHA generator.
Cannot attach the files here, maybe retry the download.

Definitely seems to be something odd about the download. Every time I download a copy of either firmware, it gives me a different SHA256 sum.

I sent you a PM with the files. Cannot attach them here.

Thanks, I think that has worked. The file sizes I was getting before (downloading from Github) were only 141kb… These are 4mb + and the SHA256 looks correct.

Yep, confirmed. I have reflashed the board again and it looks good! Thanks again @beegee

Happy to help. But strange that wget didn’t download the complete file.

I closed this for now.

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