RAK2560 does not send data

I have RAK2560 WisNode Sensor Hub. It began transmitting data for a few minutes before stopping until I selected join network from WisToolBox, at which point it resumed sending data for a few minutes before stopping until I select join network. Two days later, No data is transmitted even if I select Join Network. What may be the problem? knowing that the gateway is connected.

This is a link for the log file.


Hi @abeer please update the SensorHub to the latest firmware version 1.2.6. You need to use the manual way in the WisToolBox → More-> Firmware → SensorHub → Custom.
The latest firmware can be downloaded from here: https://downloads.rakwireless.com/LoRa/SensorHub/Firmware/RAK2560_Latest_Firmware.zip

Hi @velev thank you for you response.
When I try to update the firmware file, the program displays an error message ( Please make sure RAK2560_LatestLfirmware zip archive contains .bin firmware file extension), therefore I just upload this file hub-final_dfu_package. Is that right?
ُEven though the firmware has been updated, the sensor does not send any data. Is there another solution?
thank you very much