Rak2560 Sensor Hub & SDI-12

I’m looking for any documentation on using SDI-12 with the Sensor Probe IO. I have all the hardware… just not sure how to setup the SDI-12 using wistoolbox.

Welcome back to forum @everhamme ,

We are working on some SDI-12 sensors (focused on Agricultural applications). However, for custom SDI-12 commands in WisToolBox, it is not supported yet.

We are finalizing SDI-12 library for RUI3. When this is released, you can create a custom firmware using RUI3 on either RAK3172, RAK4630 or RAK11720 then use WisToolBox.

@carlrowan ,

Is the SDI-12 implemented yet or is there a way for me to write custom firmware?
I have a SDI-12 sensor that I would like to use with the ProbeIO I have but I cannot find any documentation.


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We have SDI-12 sensors working on Sensorhub. However, for custom or other SDI-12 sensor/devices, we can help you integrate it by developing the driver code.

The ProbeIO has its own small internal MCU that manages the SDI-12 interface then converts it to One-wire serial. If you have to develop your own firmware, that should be possible.

But if you need our help for a specific SDI-12 device, you can send the details at [email protected]

That is fantastic, thankyou.


Just out of interest and for the benefit of others are there any public repositories/ examples/ available? And if so where could they be found?


Hi @Frankie ,

Sensor Hub is not open source. It is not in the current roadmap to make it open source.

Might not be a good news but I cannot direct you to any public repo related to it.