RAK2560 - ULB16 LoRa payload decoder

Hi All,

I bought a RAK2560 and a water level sensor ULB16 and then connected to LoRa network server (chirpstack). I have received the following payload,



I have used this payload decoder

and the result was,

{ data: { analog_in_1: 4.01 } }

This was the result in WisToolBox.

the result are not matching, Can someone help me to find the solution?

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Tony R

Good morning,

The RAK2560 hás inside a RAK1901+RAK1902: rakwireless-docs/docs/Product-Categories/WisNode/RAK2560/Quickstart at bf82bfb011fa9957b509b1b1f4ef1c84c7eb9ebc · RAKWireless/rakwireless-docs · GitHub

In the Standart Payload Decoder, you Will ser both sensors there: GitHub - RAKWireless/RAKwireless_Standardized_Payload: Payload description, payload decoder and example code for RAKwireless LoRaWAN devices


Hi @crmrosa ,

Thank you !

I have tried RAKwireless_Standardized_Payload.js and the result was not correct.

is this a valid payload (0102018e) from Sensor Hub (RAK2560) for ULB16 water level sensor?

can you please guide to decode data from sensor hub for ULB16 water level sensor in chirpstack?

I don´t have this Sensor Hub to test it, but I am using the Standardized Payload Decoder for a Wisblock with RAK1904, RAK1906(temperature, humidity, barometric pressured, etc…), and it is working very well…

This is a strange behavior, because in the product documentation we can see the sensors list as: RAK1901 and RAK1902: RAK2560 WisNode Sensor Probe Datasheet | RAKwireless Documentation Center . Then the Standardized Payload load support both.

The Chirpstack decoder is in the Standardized Payload page: RAKwireless_Standardized_Payload/WisBlock-TagoIO-Chirpstack.js at main · RAKWireless/RAKwireless_Standardized_Payload · GitHub

I think that we will need someone from RAK Staff to explain how the payload is prepared in the RAK2560, maybe it is not support Standarized Payload Decoder.