RAK3172 After some days of operation module hangs up

We are using the RAK3172 module using RUI3 in our prouct.
The module runs in the LoRaWAN mode.

What we are seeing is after a certain number of days in the field, the RAK3172 module freezes and hangs up. We are facing this same issue in 3 devices at a time.

In order to get the RAK module back and working, we have to power cycle the whole device.

Is there any known condition or issue that can put the RAK module in this state? Is there any workaround for this problem if it is a known problem?


  • What’s your frequency?

  • After how many days the module hangs up?

  • How do you power RAK3172 modules?

Please check this post for a possible cause of your problem and a solution:

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Hi @beegee,

Thanks for the confirmation. We are using RUI 3.5.3. And we found this issue after 47.5 days. So We can confirm that, this issue is because of bug only whichever you have informed.

Can you tell us when we will get the RUI3 BSP? So we can get some idea.

Thanks and Regards
Manan Jarsania

Hello @mhjarsania

The RUI3 BSP with the bug fix can be installed already. You can update in Arduino IDE to RUI3 V4.0.3 which has the bug fix already.

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Hi beegee,

Actually I am new to Arduno IDE platform. While updating I am facing below issue (Attached Image).

Is there anything I am doing wrong?


Could be a temporary problem with your internet connection?
I just retried and I can install it without problems.

Hi Beegee,

Thanks for the reply.

Let me check once again, Maybe some other issues are there.


Hi @beegee,

We are using Below link for predefined merge code with ST Microcontroller.

But when we are trying to modify anything it is not working.
I have simply added GPIO but it is not working.
Even with that code if we change something in .IOC file we are able to get code with so many changes
in so many files and not able to build also.

But if we are separately generating a code from STM32CubeMx by generating MCU. We are able to generate code and able to toggle the GPIO also.

Can you give your opinion how we can mange a best code with low efforts so later on any one can do changes easily.


Hello Manan,

I am sorry, but for problems with STM32Cube, please contact STMicroelectronics directly. We cannot support their IDE.

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Thanks for the reply.
I have contacted ST Team for the same.