RAK3172 Channel Mask Question

HI, I’m working on a test fixture used for testing LoraWAN gateways. One of the requirements is to be able to dictate what channel data is sent on so that it can be verified on the gateway end. I accomplished this with the channel mask on the RAK4270 by disabling all but one channel. I am interested in moving to the RAK3172 for some other features (Class B support primarily), but looking at the docs it seems that the channel mask now only selects a region(s), enabling the data to be transmitted on any of the channels in that region(s). Am I reading this incorrectly or is there any other way to restrict the channels on the 3172? Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome @rbelk to RAK forum.

Yes. For RAK3172 FW, the masking works differently and only activated on specific regional bands. It doesn’t function like RAK4270 where you can enable and disable specific frequencies. I cannot say that this feature will never be implemented in RAK3172. Still needs to be discussed within the team. But for now, it doesn’t exist yet.

Thank you for the reply. Consider this a vote for that functionality :grinning: