RAK3172 Class B Beacon Reception Notification


I am currently using an ESP32 chip to send AT commands to the RAK3172 module using its UART pins, and I am using Arduino IDE to program the ESP32. There is detailed explanation on how to operate the module in Class B mode, but I want the module to send a specific message from its UART pins to the ESP32, telling that it just received a Class B beacon. Can I make this configuration through the ESP32 ?

Thank you very much.

Welcome to RAK forum @mutluahmetoglu ,

When the device operates in Class B, you will see notification via UART when its pingslot opens and received a downlink. No configuration is needed for this behavior on the device :+1:

Hi, thanks for your reply. The device notifies the pingslot downlinks as you mentioned, but I am talking about periodic beacons from the gateway, which are generally sent every 128 seconds. Can I get a notification for that too ?

Hi @mutluahmetoglu ,

As far as I know, you should be able to see +BC:LOCKED once synchronization is done (I am not sure if you will see this every 128seconds).

After beacon lock, you’ll see a periodic +PS:DONE on the pingslot.

I have no capability to test at the moment but I will confirm to our team.

Btw, what gateway are you using and network server for your class B operation?

Hi @carlrowan,

I am using a RAK831 gateway hat with a Raspberry Pi 3B+ as a gateway, which has Chirpstack software on it. The thing is we put together the hardware last week, hence I also could not have the chance to test extensively, thanks for your help.

Hi @mutluahmetoglu ,

Update regarding the GW beacon reception, you should be able to get BC:DONE each time a beacon is transmitted by the GW (128sec) and received by the end-device (operating in Class B). This is an asynchronous and done via callback in the RUI3 firmware whenever you are in successful Class B mode so your ESP32 MCU host can just look for this string thru UART.