RAK3172 CRC error

Re: RUI 4.0.6
What happens when the RAK3172 gets a CRC error/
Is there an event or any type of notification that a CRC error has occurred?
I’ve never seen anything indicating that a CRC error has occurred. Thus it would seem that RAK3172 doesn’t output anything if a CRC error has occurred. I assume of course tha the CRC is on by default, as there is no command to turn it on or off.

CRC is always on:

On a CRC error it will throw +EVT:RXP2P RECEIVE ERROR

Thanks Bernd,

Can you tell me if the RAK3172 RUI 4.0.6 header is explicit?
I can’t see anywhere in the documentation. This affects the on air calculations (using the Semtech calculator).
I presume it’s explicit.

I was changing the CR in a P2P configuration with 2 RAK3172 modules.
When I changed one the CR setting to 1 and the other to 0, the packet was received correctly and transmitted correctly.
In the explicit header mode, the CR is encoded thus changing the CR will always be received correctly has the far end will read the CR in the header.
Is this assumption correct?
Thank you.

I cannot find any good documentation about the explicit mode, but testing with explicit header and one device on CR 0 (4/5) and the other one on CR 3 (4/8) works.

Thanks Bernd,
That would imply that the RAK3172 RUI 4.0.6 always uses an explicit header. Thus CR setting
won’t matter as the CR is part the header which the other end reads.

It still matters as it is used by the sending device. It just means the receiving device can adjust.

Hi Bernd,

YES of course.