RAK3172 data rates AT+DR=7 fails

Currently evaluating the RAK3172. When I first set the data rate with


and then try to join a network with


the join fails with AT_ERROR. Same problem with data rate 6, the others (1-5) work fine though.

Why do those data rates fail? How can they be enabled?

Firmware version is 3.2.0-p2_22q1_final.87, frequency band is EU868


Welcome to RAK forum @okrasolar ,

DR7 is on FSK and DR6 has 250k bandwith. Here’s a useful table for DR1 to DR5 - Datarate by region.

Thanks for the quick reply!

But DR6 and DR7 are both supported in EU868 according to the table. So why does the module not seem to be able to use it?

Hi @okrasolar ,

Join frequencies/DR supported by EU686 is in the regional parameter specification of LoRa Alliance. DR6 and DR7 are not used for Joining.