RAK3172 Evaluation Board - Firmware update issue

When I try to update the firmware that downloaded from Rakwireless website(RAK3172-E_latest.bin) with STM32CubeProgrammer and RAK DFU Tool, firmware was updated without issues.

After that by the guidelines given in LowLevelDevelopment, I build pingpong project with STM32CubeIDE and updated firmware through RAK DFU Tool. Pingpong firmware got updated.

When again I am trying for firmware updation((RAK3172-E_latest.bin), by both tools I can’t able to update the firmware.

When I try with ArduinoIDE, it is telling “Device not in boot mode”.

Kindly advise me in this regard.

We are not using STM32CubeIDE, so just guessing here:

When uploading a firmware that is created by STM32CubeIDE, you destroy "our" bootloader. Without "our" bootloader "our" tools and "our" Arduino BSP are not working any more.

If you want to create your app with STM32CubeIDE you need to use STM32CubeProgrammer application to flash the code that was created with STM32CubeIDE.

If you want to go back to use RUI3, you have to use STM32CubeProgrammer and flash our standard AT command firmware first.

Thanks for quick reply…
With STM32CubeProgrammer, attached error is coming…

Maybe this guide about STM32CubeProgrammer - use with WisDuo helps.

It is the same for WisBlock Core modules. Boot0 pin is on the pin headers of the BaseBoard. You need to connect it to VDD during reset or power up to force the STM32 into the STM32 boot mode.

With STM32CubeProgrammer, as you told i updated latest firmware.

Now the board is not responding to my AT commands.

What need to be done for this?

Try to erase the complete flash of the RAK3172 in STM32CubeProgrammer, then try flash our firmware again.

Thanks for your timely support…issue solved…

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