RAK3172 Flash OTA or UART

Hi, we are using RAK3172 on one of our products and need a way to flash new code OTA or via UART to the RAK3172. Could you please provide a solution.


Welcome to the forum @FrancovdWalt

The RAK3172 doesn’t support FUOTA yet, it is in the feature list for next year.

At the moment firmware update over UART or SWD pins is the only option.

For UART, the YModem protocol is used and we have the RAK Firmware Upgrade Tool available.

Hi @beegee,

Thank you for the quick reply. We have the RAK3172 connected to a NXP processor which is running Yocto. We would like to update the RAK3172 from the Yocto device over UART. Would we be able to do so with RAK_Device_Firmware_Upgrade_Tool_v1.4_Ubuntu.zip?

We didn’t test the tool with Yocto. Maybe you can give it a try.

Sure will give it a try. How is the roadmap looking for the FUOTA feature for RAK3172?

No date available for FUOTA on RAK3172.
We have some code working on the RAK4630 modules, but the RAK3172 has much smaller flash and memory and there are other things that makes it difficult to implement on the RAK3172.

We tried RAK_Device_Firmware_Upgrade_Tool_v1.4_Ubuntu on Yocto, but it was not supported.
Do you know if it would be possible for us to try and upload new firmware over UART to the RAK3172?

You can write an application for Yocto (never used it) that implements YMODEM protocol to send a binary file with the firmware to the RAK3172.

But I have no idea how to do that.

Maybe this thread helps.
It is basically the same issue about uploading firmware with YMODEM