RAK3172 linkcheck rssi lower than Join server

I have been comparing rssi values returned in the Linkcheck command from the RAK3172 to the rssi value at the join server (TTN) and the Linkcheck response seems to be 20dB higher. Do you know why this is?

Hi @marinafinch ,

I did some test with RAK3172 RUI3 v4.0.0 and the LINKCHECK rssi values seems ok.

What RSSI values did you get on your test? What FW is on the RAK3172? And what Gateway did you use?

We are using version RUI2 version 1.0.2, I plan to test today with v4.0.0.

I was getting a Linkcheck value of -70 but the value of -89 at TTN.

I will let you know what I get using v4.0.0