RAK3172 max current when transmit

Hi, I’m using RAK3172, but I don’t know about max current when it transmits with SF10BW125 in AS923-2. I want to know to design hardware. Thank you !

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Transmit current of the RAK3172 should be less than 90mA. It plays around 85-87 mA on my measurement.

Thank u for your help.
Another question. How long can it transmit with SF10BW125 in AS932-2 with this antenna AH1G.102 ?

Hi @hoanganh ,

The duration of TX depends on the length of payload. It is not affected by the type of antenna.

For example, at 10bytes payload on SF10BW125, it will be around 370mSec.

You can use this calculator to change payload size and see the duration with respect to spreading factor - https://avbentem.github.io/airtime-calculator/ttn/eu868/10

Thank u. How about distance ?

Many factors affect distance (type of antenna, attenuation along the RF path, link budget losses due to RF connector, etc).

But as a general rule, higher spreading factor gives you longer distance. Higher spreading factor has longer time duration for TX though.

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With great condition, with this antenna http://docs.antennahome.com/ant/AH1G.102.pdf, how far it can transfer ?

Antenna type is only one factor. Just image if there are various walls/buildings/blockage in between the transmitter and receiver, then even high gain antenna might not be sufficient to have long range link between the transceivers.

On your antenna though, it is omni directional with 1.5gain, In terms of range, it is less compared to higher gain antenna. However, if you use higher gain antenna, you have to consider the propagation profile.