RAK3172 module sleep current

Hi All,

Currently I am working on STM32WLE5CCU6 + RAK3172 using STM32CubeIDE. So I am checking sleeping current.
Currently I am getting 340uA of sleeping current.
I want to make it reach to 5uA.

Can anyone guide me how can I achieve that. I have some doubts like below.

  1. Do I need to power off / sleep the radio?
  2. Currently in STM32CubeIDE my system clock is 48MHz. During Sleep mode do I need to slow it down?
  3. Do i need to stop the ADC or it is not required?
  4. Currently I am making port A GPIO to Analog and No_Push_Pull mode. In some of the pins in Port B and Port C are connected with radio. So do I need to change that and also remaining pin to analog and No_Push_Pull mode.
  5. If I am using DS18B20 then, It is required to Cut down Vcc and ground during sleep mode?

I am new to low power related topics. Sorry if I have asked silly questions.


Hi @mhjarsania ,

Maybe it is best to approach STmicroelectronics support on this low level implementations. They have many very useful applications notes (or even the chip reference docs) about this topics and their support might be able to give you the right direction quickly. For us at RAK, we focus on developing RUI3 so that users can immediately use the modules at its lowest power consumption possible and compatible to Arduino IDE.

Hi Carlrowan,

Ok I got your point.
Can you tell that while getting sleeping current you are making Radio off or not?


Hi @mhjarsania ,

At sleep mode of RUI3 firmware, radio is off.

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