RAK3172 multi region support

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We are currently using RAK3172 module for the US market.
If we were to use the RAK3172 module for a different region like Japan, India do we need to order RAK3172 module specific for those regions or can we use the US modules we have in stock and configure the region on them?

Is there any region specific radio side hardware in these modules?

Hi @adityakoparkar ,

RAK3172 share common hardware for 8xx-9xx Mhz range. So basically you can use US915 device to AS923 or IN865. This functionality can be adjusted via firmware. However, you must consider the frequency band supported by your antenna. Some antennas cover 8xx-9xx range but mostly are specifically tuned to either 8xx or 9xx Mhz (likely for optimum performance).

RAK3172 has separate hardware for 4xx regional band.