RAK3172 packets always confirmed

We are testing RAK3172 Evaluation Board with Arduino examples.
And always packets are in confirmed mode.
We changed api.lorawan.cfm.set(1) and api.lorawan.cfm.set(0) - all time get ConfirmedDataUp on Network server.

Can you help? How to set unconfirmed uplink?

How does your send API call look like?
Did you try with api.lorawan.send(length, payload, fport, confirm); and set confirm to false?
==> LoRaWAN | RAKwireless Documentation Center

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I make changes here, in this example:

Ahh, yes, I fust find it

I recommend that you move these values in the examples to a constant or define section:)

Thank you!

I agree.
In my own examples I am using variable instead of fixed values:

	// Send the packet
	if (api.lorawan.send(g_solution_data.getSize(), g_solution_data.getBuffer(), set_fPort , g_confirmed_mode, g_confirmed_retry))
		MYLOG("UPLINK", "Packet enqueued");
		MYLOG("UPLINK", "Send failed");
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