RAK3172 - PlatformIO support

Hi !
Are there any plans to have the RAK3172 supported by Platform.IO ?

It is on the roadmap, but no release date available.

In the meantime you can use Visual Studio Code and the Arduino Extension ==> RUI3 Supported IDE | RAKwireless Documentation Center

I am using it all the time. It is not as comfortable as PlatformIO, but getting close.

Hi @beegee,
although I’m waiting for the support of PlatformIO, I was trying to setup VSC with the Arduino extension but I think there is a missing piece in the documentation: what’s the c_cpp_properties.json config there? Because I cannot make VSC know that api. from RUI is coming from the RAK board so I get identifier "api" is undefined. Do you have any hint on this?

Hi @a.occ

The c_cpp_properties.json is from the Arduino Extension, you don’t need to touch it.

Did you select the RAK3172 RUI3 board?

And as a tip, edit the arduino.json file and add the option "output": "build".
Then the compiled files are not in some strange windows folders but directly in your project folder.

This accelerates the compilation time a little bit, because now it is only compiling changed files.

Hi @beegee, thanks for the prompt answer. Actually I have selected the board, but I didn’t have the file initialized because I was using a .cpp file instead of an .ino one. Anyway I’m not able to make the extension work since I have another error about python3 not finding a buildtime.py file when it tries to verify the sketch, but in this case I suppose it is something related to my system or the extension itself.

Yes, you need to have one .INO file for the thing to work.
I am wondering why it looks for buildtime.py. On Windows the required file is not a python script. It is an EXE file and installed with the BSP.

Are you on Linux or MacOS?

I’m on MacOS. But your screenshot just helped me: I had not that file on the specular path on Mac, so I suppose I had the board installation broken somehow. I have uninstalled the board and re-installed again and everything works now :grin:

Thank you for the support, can’t wait for the PlatformIO integration!

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