RAK3172 Power Supply: 2XAA Direct Drive?


We are developing a custom PCB for the RAK3172. The board will be powered by two Energizer L91 Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries in series, which usually produces a max of 3.55 volts out of the box (series).

The application is a low power sensor board with the intent of years of deployment.

Per the datasheet, it appears I am within the recommended supply voltage range (2.0V - 3.6V) when the batteries are fresh.

Since I am within the range I would like to direct drive the board from the batteries, but I wanted to see if this is advisable.

Alternatively, I could use a buck/boost (like a MAX1724 3V3) but this would almost double my sleeping current usage and I am not sure it is necessary.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello @ProblemSolved

As long as you stay below the rated maximum supply voltage of 3.6 V you are good.RAK3172 Operating Voltage

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