RAK3172 Reference design

I’m designing a test breakout for this module, but to be honest we miss some important informations.

Do you have any reference design or existing board using this module?

I mean datasheet shows pinout and function but we don’t know minimal components to provide with, does boot0 have pull up/down? does reset also? Do we need to add some decoupling or other capacitor on power path, which values? We intend to use this module with custom FW.

Would be fine to have the internal schematics, would really help in understanding and designing hardware with this module especially when we need to build custom firmware.


Hi Charles,

We plan to release RAK3172 based boards. That can be a good reference board in your design. Please send me your email so I can arrange it for you.

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Hi, that’s done by PM thanks.

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Hi carlrowan, I would also be interested in RAK3172 based boards to have a good reference design. This is my e-mail: [email protected]