RAK3172 RUI_4.0.5_244 Sleep Mode


I updated the RAK3172 firmware to RUI_4.0.5_244. I notice that the unit does not go into sleep mode, stays on…looking at the changelog, I see the following :

  • RUI-838: [AT+LPSEND] “AT+SLEEP=0” documentation error.

What does the above mean? Did the sleep mode implementation change? I’m using AT+SLEEP=0 to put the module into sleep mode.


Welcome to RAK forum @ebenlouw :slight_smile:

On version 4.0.5, the device will go automatically to sleep if you set low power mode with AT+LPM=1 command. If you want to manually set the device to sleep, you need to send AT+SLEEP.

Thank you ; this resolves the issue