I am new to RUI3 and RAK platform.
I wish to understand that at first how can we configure few parameters to device (before RAK3172 is connected to LORAWAN network), say initial device setup so that it can connect desired LORAWAN cloud.
In-short how can I program APPEUI and APPKEY to device (RAK3172).
Can it possible through Bluetooth? If so is there any application example for the same please.



Hi @dinesh ,

You can follow the quick start guide of RAK3172 which both covers guide for LoRaWAN connection using RUI3 APIs and AT Command.

For Bluetooth requirements, you must use RAK4630 instead of RAK3172.

Hi Carlowan,

Thanks for your reply.

Considering your reply, can you please guide us how we can do initial configurations/programming to device as device is yet to connect to LORAWAN.


Our RAK3172 as a LoRa/LoRaWAN Modem via AT Command guide gives you a step by step tutorial how to setup the RAK3172 and connect it to LoRaWAN.

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