Rak3172 send datas

hello everyone, I have three problems, 1 my rak3172 (which works magnificently well) does join requests in number, which consumes DCs in a mess and depending on the gates it takes a very long time, sometimes it happens done in a few seconds, sometimes no? and finally I often get the message (level: “ERROR”
code: “OTAA”
description:“DevNonce has already been used”), I changed OTAA_APPEUI but the message comes back, I know it’s not a problem with the RAK but I think you have the expertise to answer me in advance thank you

Are you using AT command firmware or a custom firmware based on RUI3 API?

The device joins only once unless you send an AT+JOIN command or call api.lorawan.join();

hello with the api (!api.lorawan.join()) this is the reference script where I did not modify the join sequence, on orduino IDE .

There should be only a limited number of repeats when Join Request fails.
You can change api.lorawan.join() to api.lorawan.join(1,1,30,10); (requires at least RUI3 BSP version V4.1.0).
This would try 10 times to join before it gives up and waits 30 seconds between every retry.

But if the device doesn’t join and you see DevNonce has already been used then there is something else wrong.

What LoRaWAN server are you using? If it is Chirpstack, try to reset the devnonce in Application → Device → OTAA keys:

Not sure how you reset it on TTN or Helium.

no each time it is accepting no refusal, but several requests and several acceptances, I am under chirpstack.

I have just done the manipulation and it works perfectly well, I will stop and restart the module several times during the day and I will tell you if it is OK, in the meantime a big thank you.

I declared victory too soon, is it starting again?

It is not normal behaviour. I have many devices here with RAK3172 that have no problems to connect and send data.

I see you are using Chirpstack, what gateway are you using?

Do you have the option to check the log on the gateway itself?

Can you try to compile and flash this example code RUI3-LowPower-Example

hello, I do not have a gateway, I am at the prototype stage before deploying a larger number of modules, I also suspect the gateway but I have no control over it, I will test your script and I tell you that.

How come you have no access to the gateway?
Are you using Helium network?

yes I use the helium network, but without a personal gateway, I have three gateways that cover my area.

That makes the debugging much more complicate. But anyway, on a Helium Hotspot you cannot see a log anyway.

Let me know if my example code behavious different.
I cannot test on Helium, there are no hotspots around here.

several compilation errors caused by “Compilation error: ‘WisCayenne’ does not name a type”

Copy all files from Github into the project folder. You need all .INO, .cpp and .h files

and yes I forgot the libraries, but even after installing them, I have compilation errors “Compilation error: ‘class RAKLorawan’ has no member named ‘registerLinkCheckCallback’; did you mean ‘registerRecvCallback’?”

Uncomment the line with the registerLinkCheckCallback, sorry that is for the next version of RUI3, which is not yet released.

ok I will test, thank you

What is the rssi and SNR values of your join request ? I have had many times in the past an edge device not able to hear downlinks due to weaker edge node antennas compared to the amazing gateway antennas. I used to call this phenomenon a rejoin loop. It might not be your issue but at least we can rule it depending on how far the node and gateways are.

hello, here is the data to request

  • rssi:-105
  • snr:-9
  • rssi:-108
  • snr:-11.5
  • rssi:-109
  • snr:-19.200000762939453
  • rssi:-109
  • snr:-16.5
  • rssi:-113
  • snr:-19