RAK3172 Send fail

testing RAK3172 communication.

As shown in the log below, it was being sent normally,
but when it was sent again 3 hours later, a failure event message was displayed.

The network status was checked with “AT+NJS=?” and was judged to be normal.
As a result of resending again, the event message “+EVT:SEND_CONFIRMED_FAILED(4)” was displayed.

After sending the “AT+JOIN=1:0:8:8” command, we confirmed that data was being sent normally.

But I can’t figure out what the problem is.
Is it possible that the join will not continue and a timeout will occur?

### LOG ###
Version: RUI_4.0.6_RAK3172-E
Current Work Mode: LoRaWAN.

There is usually no timeout for a join.
Ideally a LoRaWAN device needs to join only once after it’s powered up and it stays connected.

What LoRaWAN server are you using.

I’m using chirpstack V4.

It was sent 16 hours later, but this time it was sent normally.
I’m not sure what this error is about.

Did you restart or power off Chirpstack during this time?

No, I didn’t reboot.

And another problem occurred while testing several boards.

I sent “AT+SEND”
Output event logs are different.

All modules under test have the same configuration.

I’ve seen “+EVT:SEND_Confirmed_OK” printed so far,
I connected a new RAK3172 module to see if the log “+EVT:TX_DONE” is output.
How do I get log “+EVT: SEND_confirmed_OK”?

## LOG1 ##

[05:17:43.114]RAKwireless RAK3172

Version: RUI_4.0.6_RAK3172-E
Current Work Mode: LoRaWAN.

## LOG2 ##

[05:17:58.321]RAKwireless RAK3172

Version: RUI_4.0.6_RAK3172-E
Current Work Mode: LoRaWAN.

+EVT:SEND_CONFIRMED_OK is the response for a confirmed packet transmission.
+EVT:TX_DONE is the response for an unconfirmed packet transmission.

The module does not switch between confirmed and unconfirmed packet mode without an AT command.

Default is unconfirmed. If you need confirmed packet mode, you can enable it with AT+CFM=1

Regarding your problem that after a long time of no transmission, the module has to re-join, can you check with the Chirpstack communitity about this problem. It should not happen. I am using Chirpstack V4 a lot, but my devices are sending data at least every 10 minutes and I never saw this problem.

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All right.
Thank you for your answer.

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