RAK3172-SIP detailed pinout info

Which pins can be used as ADC in the RAk3172-SIp.
the docs only mention two pins

Hi @bug ,

On RUI3 version 3.5.1, one of the changes is to support other ADC channels. This carried over on the latest release 3.5.3.

These are the analog pin supported by the RAK3172-SiP.

#define PIN_A0 PB3
#define PIN_A1 PB4
#define PIN_A2 PB2
#define PIN_A3 PA10
#define PIN_A4 PA15

#define A0 PIN_A0
#define A1 PIN_A1
#define A2 PIN_A2
#define A3 PIN_A3
#define A4 PIN_A4

We will update the documentation to reflect the changes.

In this example, I used A3 which is connected to PA10.