RAK3172-SIP Develop with Stm32 cube, can't join network

Please Help. I want to develop code for RAK3172-Sip using ST32cubide and have followed the guidelines from the RAK3172 Module Low-Level Development Reference with STM32Cube_FW_WL_V1.2.0 When following the steps, I found that I could compile successfully, but encountered an issue where I couldn’t join with the gateway.

You are using AS923-1? At least the frequencies in your log suggest it.
Is your gateway and LoRaWAN server setup for AS923-1 as well?
Did you double check that DevEUI, AppEUI /JoinEUI and AppKey are correct setup in the LoRaWAN server?
Do you see any packets in the gateway logs?
Do you see any messages in the LoRaWAN server logs?

If it is nothing of the above, then you have to wait for an STM32CubeIDE expert to help.

Thank you,beegee. I have tested comparing with the source STM32Cube_FW_WL_V1.2.0 before modifying. It can join, but I found that the RSSI value is -101 even though it is placed on the table not more than 20 cm away. When compared with using the Rak firmware + AT command, the RSSI is around -30 to -35. I think this issue might be related to hardware pins. However, when using radio_board_if.c, radio_board_if.h, radio_conf.h, and startup_stm32wle5ccux.s according to the guideline, I found that it still cannot join.

Hi @nakorn ,

The RAK3172 and RAK3172-SiP have different RF frontend.

Please refer on these radio files for RAK3172-SiP

RAK3172_SIP_radiofiles.zip (4.6 KB)

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Thank you, carlrowan. It works now. By using some define and source code RAK3172_SIP_radifiles.zip to modify the original. this is my modified source code. GitHub - echo01/Rak3172-sip-low-level-develop-code