RAK3172 + STM32CubeIDE + AN5406


We are very new to STM32 and also RAK3172.
Just to have an hands-on-experience we started with AN5406 application note (LoRaWAN_End_Node).

We wish to know that can we use LoRaWAN_FUOTA (AN5554) for RAK3172?
If so what steps do we have to follow? Is it similar to as specified in AN5406?

Request you to please guide us on the same.



Welcome to RAK forum @dinesh ,

LoRaWAN FUOTA requires implementation on the LoRaWAN Network Server side as well not just on the End-device. So you also need to secure FUOTA functionality on the Network Server.

We are doing FUOTA development in our RUI3 at the moment. No plan of release date yet. This can simplify things with regards to FUOTA.

For the AN5554, the STM32WL LoRaWAN_FUOTA is supposed to be supported by Actility. You can probably have a look and try rak3172 with it.

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Hi Carlrowan,

Thanks for your quick reply.
As far as end-device is concerned can we follow steps given in AN5406 (radio files and startup file update) for RAK3172 just to add FUOTA code snippets in end-device?

As FUOTA is one of most important part of device we are looking for solution for the same.
So if RAk3172 has not FUOTA support yet, can you please suggest other module which is having FUOTA support (if any)? Please note that we are yet to start development.



Hi @dinesh ,

You can try the FUOTA implementation of STM32WL SDK from ST. We provided the necessary radio source files to update to RAK3172 to be compatible but I haven’t tried the FUOTA of STM32 myself.

We have no module yet that supports LoRaWAN FUOTA based on our RUI3.

If you want to do FUOTA now, maybe the fastest way is to start with STM32WL Nucleo Board and run FUOTA code directly into it then use the Actility backend. That’s the network server used by STM32WL team to do their FUOTA.

Btw, our FUOTA shouldn’t be too far to be released but I can’t say any date at the moment.

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