RAK3172 support

do you plan to add RAK3172 module as possible WisBlock Audio core ?
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Welcome to RAK forum @pasdaran ,

This is not in the current roadmap for RAK3172 and I am not hopeful that it will be supported by the Audio core anytime soon.

Thank you carlrowan.
Is there any technical reason to exclude RAK3172/RAK3372 from Audio Core offer ?
MCU, memory and/or interface limitations ?
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Hi @pasdaran ,

The RAK3172 is based on RUI3 and Audio Core is not impossible to be supported but evaluation and compatibility/update work on libraries needs to be done. As you know, RUI3 is developed from ground up to support Arduino inspired APIs. However, it is not yet as matured like other Arduino inspired BSP.

does this means that RAK3172 can not support the RAK18032?

Welcome to RAK forum @haohaobuter ,

At the moment, RUI3 wasn’t tested yet for the Audio library. So RAK3172 wont work at the moment.

This is however with respect to RUI3. But if user will develop his own STM32 code, it should be possible.

The RAK18032 uses PDM to send the data.
Theoretical RUI3 has PDM support, but it fails to compile. Bug report to the R&D team is issued.

Thank you carlrowan.Is there any way that I could get the I2S.h driver for Rak18032? I have installed rakwireless BSP,but I can not search this file in my computer.

Hi @haohaobuter ,

@beegee already raised this to the RUI3 team. There’s HAL driver on STM32 for I2S. But likely not linked yet to Arduino compatible I2S.h library. Let’s wait for the team to look at it.