Rak3172-t stuck in delay


we got our new assembled boards, and there seems to be something wrong, took a time to debug but it looks like that rak3172-t is stuck in delay function.

void setup() 
    Serial1.begin(115200);                                   // Initialize serial port
    Serial1.println(" example");

if i remove this delay i get print message, but if the delay is there the code is stuck here forever. board selected in arduino is wis duo rak3172-t board.

Welcome back to the forum @bilalfakhar

Assumption, not tested:

Serial1 is UART1 of the RAK3172-T. UART1 is disabled as soon as the device goes into low power mode. You device is not hanging, it is going to sleep during the delay(1000);

Try api.system.lpm.set(0); before the delay(1000); to disable low power mode.