RAK3172 uplink battery voltage

Hello Support

We are using the RAK3172 with a host CPU and AT Commands

Our clients have requested that our sensors uplink the percentage of battery voltage remaining

Our competitors uplink
“type”: “uplink”,
“devEUI”: “7xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“payload”: {
“protocol”: “LoRaWAN”,
“sensorId”: “32ea925”,
“nativeId”: " ",
“sequenceNumber”: 149,
“payload”: {
“reason”: 81,
“targetTemperature”: 21,
“sensorTemperature”: 23.24,
“relativeHumidity”: 54.69,
“motorRange”: 0,
“motorPosition”: 0,
“batteryVoltage”: 3.5,
“openWindow”: false,
“childLock”: true,
“highMotorConsumption”: false,
“lowMotorConsumption”: false,
“brokenSensor”: false,
“adrDR”: 5,
“adrTxPowerIdxReq”: 7,
“adrNbTransReq”: 1,
“ulPktLoss”: 0,
"dlBattery": 100,
“dlSNR”: 7,
“dlPktLoss”: 0,
“ulIntervalSec”: 600,
“reliability”: 0,
“ulDR”: “SF7BW125”,
“ulDRnr”: 5,
“rssi”: -45,
“ulSNR”: 9

Thank you for the help

Hello Paul,

The RAK3172 itself has no circuit to read the battery voltage. That’s why it doesn’t report it in the uplink without extra code from your side.

If your board has a circuit that can measure the battery voltage, you can send it in the payload of the uplink as you have shown in the example uplink.