RAK3172 Wakeup by RF?

With RUI_4.0.5_RAK3172-E and P2P mode, Is it posible to wakeup by radio? How to do?

If you setup the device correct, it will automatically wake-up on a received data packet.

If using AT command interface in LoRa P2P mode:


xxxxx larger than 0 will set the LoRa transceiver into RX mode and if a valid packet arrived, it will give feedback over UART2 with


More details about AT+PRECV ==> AT Command Manual | RAKwireless Documentation Center

When using custom firmware based on RUI3 API:
Define callback functions:

 * @brief LoRa P2P callback if a packet was received
 * @param data
void recv_cb(rui_lora_p2p_recv_t data)
	Serial.printf("P2P RX, RSSI %d, SNR %d\r\n", data.Rssi, data.Snr);
	for (int i = 0; i < data.BufferSize; i++)
		Serial.printf("%02X", data.Buffer[i]);

 * @brief LoRa P2P callback if a packet was sent
void send_cb(void)
	Serial.println("P2P TX finished");

Initialize the callbacks and set P2P RX mode:


	// Enable RX mode (always with TX allowed)

Keep in mind that in RX mode, the LoRa transceiver is not in sleep mode. You have to expect a current consumption of several mA.
However, the MCU itself can go into sleep mode.


I just realized that in RX mode, the LoRa transceiver is not in sleep mode, Thank you.

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