RAK3272 3172 - Sleep

Anyone know the exact sequence of how to get the RAK3272S (3172 core) to go in to its sleep state? i’m using the default AT command firmware that ships with the module. Is there a reason there’s no sleep command for this unit?


Hi @everhamme ,

There is no sleep command on RAK3172 module because it automatically goes to sleep after executing each commands.

Can you give any more guidance on the power consumption and timing behavior ? we are still seeing a ~4mA draw from the 3172 many minutes after a command was sent

Here’s a snapshot of power draw showing the “idle” 3172 consumes about 4 to 5 mA

That’s high @everhamme .

  1. Are there other circuits connected to RAK3172? Like sensors, USB-UART converter, etc.?
  2. How it is powered?
  3. Are you operating in LoRaWAN or LoRa P2P? If LoRaWAN, are you in Class A?

connected to an Arduino Mega-based board to hardware tx/rx UART… https://www.envirodiy.org/mayfly/hardware/

We’re using LoRaWAN Class A

OK I got it figured out… we were actually setup for Class C, though we only need Class A… so the receive window was staying open. soon as I changed back to Class A the sleep draw dropped! Thanks!