Hi, where can i download the bootloader/AT firmware 4.1.0 to the RAK3272 ?

And is there some API command to see if the RAK3272 is answering to an AT command ? Because after 60000 packages sent (interval 10 seconds), something freeze…
I want to verify if the Arduino app on RAK3272 still is receiveing a OK for the API send commands…


Hello Miguel,

RUI3 V4.1.0 is available for download from our Download Center

For AT commands, you can check our AT command manual. The simplest command to test for a response would be to just send AT which response with an OK.

yes, but wich is the API FUNCTION that sends a AT command and get OK ?

Sorry, I missed the API part.

It is not possible from the API to do that directly.
What you can do is to add a custom AT command that informs your application when it has received an AT command.

I have some examples for custom AT commands in my RUI3-LowPower-Example code.

You could define a simple custom AT command that sets a flag for your code. Your host MCU would have to send this custom AT command frequently and your code checks if the AT command was received in the expected time.
Custom AT commands are handled by the same code that is handling standard AT commands.

thank you! Doing it!

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